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When San Portablo made a Lockdown delivery to Da Dirty Vegan

Updated: May 17, 2020

So the San Portablo 1901 Ship

keeps sailing on the Seven Seas

during lockdown May 2020.

Big Up all Site visitors and customers

and we hope you are all

stayin safe and creative

during the 2020 Pandemic.

We will to continue to work

with Aspire to Be

and Rachel Lambert Photography

to keep all things

San Portablo 1901 fresh and crisp.

The San Portablo 2020 Launch popped

and we have fulfilled orders across the UK.

1901 were landed

to send a WGM to

Rory Ibbotson in Leeds

who has just finished

his final History exams

in Birmingham University

The Wales Golf Madrid top

will now be worn in a city

that John Charles called home - Tidy.

Brighton, Totterdown, Pentwyn,

Fairwater, Clifton, Portsmouth,

Wakefield, Sketty, Grangetown,

Wollongong, Alicante, Dublin,

Baglan, Roath, Llanelli,

Southsea, Briton Ferry, Leeds,

Gowerton, Whitchurch, Farnham,

Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea are all on

The San Portablo 2020 Map

After going to the printers in RCT

we made a special delivery

to the Dirty Vegan Matthew Pritchard

and the Super star Springer Spaniel Lemmy.

Pritch and Lemmy

are keeping lockdown tight

in their Cardiff home

and were landed to have

Shunk and San Portablo T Shirts

which Math instantly customised

in ship shape and Pritchard fashion.

Hearing Pancho Locke and Pritch

reminisce over a beer

was a gas...

Skate Tricks, Dirty Sanchez, podcasts,

Vegan Tacos. Facemasks, Euro2020

and putting the world to rights

were all covered as they shot the breeze.

There are going to be

great reunions for friends

that have been isolated

during this difficult journey

in 2020

so stay positive

because good times are ahead

if we stay locked down

till the time is right to

bounceback from this hibernation.

Thank You

to everyone that has bought our first edition mask

this has sold out

and will make

a great keepsake of May 2020 -

we have secured an improved mask

so stay locked to the site

for when the San Portablo Mask 2 will drop.

Furthermore Shunk Caps

will be added to the site

message us for preorders or a glimpse.

Claaays has colabed

wIth a friend from Middlesex

Illustrator Anna Stubberfield

for a new San Portablo Lockdown Design.

Keep On Visiting

to the website Facebook and Instagram

for further details..

Finally the Olive Street HQ

has been switched on

to several DJ sets and shows...

Dean Lawrence 'Turn On ,Tune In and Clock Out'

worth a Watch

from Monday to Friday

17.05 - 18.00

and on the Weekend

there is a Saturday night

Facebook Trilogy

Jammo, Glyn Radford, Derek Mighten

making staying in the new Going Out...

Some classics being dropped

all Night long

More Bangers than Walls Street..

Stay Safe Everybody

keep on Keeping on

1901 Style

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