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Beware of the Spider Mouths

Once again San Portablo 1901 have gone back to the old Middlesex University connection, for a silky new design.

This time we have linked up with fangtastic 1927 theatre company founder and animator Paul Baritt for the "Spider Mouth"

We crawled out the Spider Mouth design in the week leading up to Halloween (although it was not intended as a Halloween design).

The design has a large flamming lipped Spider Mouth on the front and a cluster of Spider Mouth's on the back.

San Portablo's colab with Paul follows on from other work from Middlesex artists Nick Hinde, Cassius Walker Hunt and Anna Stubberfield. Baritt (Paul) was a peer of Nick and taught both Cassius and Anna in Middlesex Uni, furthermore Paul is the godfather to San Portablo model Mali Walker Hunt.

Baritt spun the Spider Mouth design 'When a call from the darkness came. The lights flickered, a door slammed by its own accord, a chill assended. Via the blasphemous networks of telecommunication a request from the legend that is Ozzy Osbourne drew 1927 in a trance like state, over to the city of angels to film him.

'Over the pestilant heat of summer a strange brew of images was concorted to accompany his song.

Along with Spider Mouths, Skulls planes, suffocating smog and a volvo 240' were all featured in the music video for the latest Ozzy Osbourne release featuring Eric Clapton - "One of those days".

San Portablo think the spider mouths have legs. Check it out on our WEBsite.

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