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San Portablo X Ambition is Critical

On the Eve of the 2022 World Cup Finals San Portablo were invited over to

Ambition Is Critical Podcast in Port Tennent, Swansea to be guests of AiC Episode 187.

We had just picked up Custom Made Wales Golf Madrid Vintage Gazelle Daps

and we were hyped with World Cup Fever

as Cymru had qualified for the tournament for the first time since 1958..

64 years of waiting.

Red Stripe and Penderyn Whisky was amongst the fuel of a 3 hour podcast

that fizzed with conversation.

AiC had previously had guests like Skin Phillips from the skating world, Trampolene’s Jack Jones, James Lilley the poet scrapper, Brett Johns, boxer Enzo Maccrinelli, Footballers Leon Britton, Lee Trundle, Kris O’Leary, from the football terrace Kev White, Richard Mylan the actor, Mal Pope the presenter.

AiC are the welsh Kings of podcasting.

We discussed the brand and its origins the influences like music, skating, politics, street art, football culture the general passions for the area.

As we spoke about terrace culture the origins of the football trendie

in south Wales.

Ryan told us about how his Dad still dresses like a skin

which was a look that was prevalent in the terraces prior to the emergence of the casual.The Fred Perry Polo, Harrington Jacket, the Crombie Coat, Sta Press trousers, Polished brogues, Pork Pie hats, Ben Sherman shirt was a wicked look

that was accompanied by the rock steady riddims of Jamaican Ska music. The brilliance, energy, style of the Two Tone label with bands

like the Specials, The Beat, Selector, were heard across the youth clubs, dancehalls, juke boxes and radio stations across south Wales..

Many think that the Skin and Rude Boy look is under rated and forgotten

when discussing Terrace Culture..

When the football trendies grew in south Wales with Wedge haircuts, Lois Corduroy trousers, Farah Slacks, Adidas Gazelle and Trimm Trabb trainers, Pringle Golfing Jumpers, Burberry Golfers, Cecil Gee, Giorgio Armani, Fila BJ’s, Sergio Tacchini Tracksuits and that old Crocodile La Coste a terrace culture was born that continued to evolve and has never really gone away.

In the 20 20’s, some think the look has stagnated

San Portablo have tried to create some magic with AiC..

The Argyle Diamond Pattern that was loved by the original trendies features in the colab,

The Diamonds are black and white, and it is lined with Orange,

The Two Tone record Label Strip of Black and White Squares are either side of the Argyle Diamonds, and a crest that features Jack the Black Dog, A swan, daffodils Ambition is Critical is written underneath..

It is a design that has the energy of the 80’s, the swagger of the terraces,

the togetherness of the north bank, the adrenaline of the beautiful game.

This is clobber - gear - threads - duds that has an edge and an attitude that screams who are we...

It’s all about life and our culture.

It’s about standing tall and doing our thing..

It can be worn with Red Wings, CP Company, Stone Island, Edwin Jeans..

Style is the answer to everything

So Get the

San Portablo x Ambition is Critical

Colab on your back..

Terry Hall RIP

Check out the podcast in the links below:

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