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2020 was a time of restriction's, isolations, despair and confusion.

During the pandemic we were faced with social distancing, restrictions, increased isolation, despair, confusion and a population with declining mental health.

HOPE signs were thrown up by local street artists, along the river banks, bridges, motorway junctions, subways and along the promenades of Port Talbot.

It was a message of fresh positivity that we would see better times, optimistic days of sporting, social, domestic success where families, friends and foes would be able to spend time together - talking, eating, dancing, debating, playing and partying together - In it together once again.

In 2022 whilst the restrictions have lifted, the world it appears is once again changing, and in many ways its a mess.

With the energy crisis, inflation, poverty, a war in Eastern Europe, that has already taken too many lives, caused so much misery, hate and which still threatens to escalate even further.

In Westminister, the shambles rolls on. The rich are still getting richer and the food banks are reaching out to more people who have become needy.

We need HOPE, a little dose of sugar. San Portablo 1901 pay tribute to the street art of 2020 which not only gave us a lift, but HOPE that we will prevail and live to see better days.

Our Hope design is a tribute to the 2020 Street Art, it is a 3D Block HOPE with

Let our HOPE’s and not our hurt’s shape our future.

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