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Welcome Aboard the Good Ship San Portablo we are covering the seven seas and continents #beapartofit

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Hi Everybody, hope your all staying safe and using your time creatively in anticipation of the bounce that will occur at the end of the pandemic. We will get through this.

This fresh website has been created with the help of Aspire to Be - Wales number one digital enterprise. We are also looking to start another project with Aspire to Be that will be a creative hub that will showcase independent arts, sports in the area.

We will be looking to collaborate with partners across the arts like bands, DJ's, Artists, street artists, comedians, Bloggers, Podcasters, Skateboarders, Climbers, Scooterists, Football Clubs, Rugby clubs, Netball Clubs, Boxing Clubs, Caterers, Restaurants, Fashion Labels and any other creativity in the community.

Please get in touch if you would like to come under this umbrella.

As a label 1901 has launched a 'Wales Golf Madrid' design in 2020 and we are looking to build a fresh collection to launch at the end of the current crisis and the dawn of a new beginning. In the meantime 1901 is considering doing a San Portablo design and making an exclusive run for this very website - again you are welcome to get in touch and express an interest in the next product.

1901 would like to welcome Michael Pancho Locke on board the San Portablo Ship on a full time basis. Mike has been active behind the scene with the label since its creation in 2016. Mike has always been a backer of street wear with his skating background and MTV s Dirty Sanchez where he created chaos around the globe. Mike also worked for 'Bad Habits' in Bridgend for years and was a partner in 'El Loco' Clothing with our good friend and ally Neil Morris of Vera Shoes and Double N trainers. Everyone can expect Tacos and BBQ's at future launch events in the shop as he thinks of himself as a Master Chef.

San Portablo 1901 would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers over the last four years and especially all those that collect the designs and get involved #beapartofit by sending in shots wearing the clobber from around the globe.

I think everyone will agree we have had a continuous collection of pearlers being sent in from across Planet Earth

We are extremely proud and grateful to our customer base.

Shunk Life Baby!!!!

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