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Tamping Release

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Hi Everyone

hope you are all staying safe

during this difficult time.

We at San Portablo 1901

have been staying positive.

A few artistic pieces have gone up

in the Riverside Walk HQ

including a 'Tamping' Piece

in the same font as the next design

which we will be dropping later this week.

'Tamping' will be a five colour design for the first run

after the first run

any future runs will be single colour

so when the five colour are gone

they wont be coming back

making the first Tamping run exclusive.

The word 'Tamping' has been chosen

as the next slogan

following on from 'Landed', 'Shunk', 'Tidy', 'Lush'.

Its a word that as

a street label based in Port Talbot

we hear a lot from our customer base typically -

Customer 'Have you got a Selwyn Jenkins T Shirt?'

us 'No its Sold out son'

Customer 'Tamping - I knew I should have got it last week'.

Tamping is when one might be

disappointed, angry, frustrated, unlucky, furious

we would go as far as to say

its beyond very angry.

It is beyond fuming and

Tamping is in 'furious' territory.

Tamping has been designed by Aidan Cole

a well known street artist in the community.

The Red, Orange, Yellow fade and black outline

are as hot as the Molten Iron from the Blast Furnaces....

it is as strong as steel

and as funky as the Troubador, Wall Street, Marthas.

1901 has also done a couple of photos shoots

since the last blog.

Mike Pancho Locke has once again directed

and the photography has been taken on

by AKA Media's James Kenning.

The shoots have both used

locations in Swansea and Port Talbot.

James and Mike go way way back.

The Models have once again been

Mr Furse, Zowie, Claayz

and we have guest appearance from

Nom, Iona and Mali.

The shoots were great fun

and we look forward to doing another

in the near future

we are keeping our eyes out for potential locations.

The Riverside Walk Shop

we are very glad to say

is once again open.

It has been a wicked bounce

to see regular customers again

so come on down.

Aled and Arlo travelled from Llantrisant,

Scott and Kirsty,

Jack, Kathy and Ian -

Bubb to name a few.

This website has now taken over 200 orders

including our first ever in Birmingham

popping the Brum Cherry

today we sent out our first Irish order

outside of Dublin

it went to County Sligo

Big Up Aaron in Sligo..

Big Shout to the customers in Chelmsford, Essex,


Bristol, Avon

landed that 1901 is being rocked

all over England.

Finally want to give a shout out

to Derrick Mighten, Glyn Radford, Jamie Griffiths and Dean Lawrence

for all the good vibes

they have been playing

on social media during lockdown.

Claayz will be paying tribute

to those DJ's

in the next Bell Inn design

that will also be dropping in August...

Pop Pop Pop

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