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Fresh Design To Launch May 4th

So 2020 has not gone to plan for any of us.

The CoronaVirus Pandemic has resulted

in the San Portablo 1901 shop

on the Riverside in Central Port Talbot

being temporarily closed.

The San Portablo 1901 label

has evolved since 2016

in an olde skool fashion

with sales primarily being made in the shop itself

and where we get to meet an know the customer base

on a face to face basis.

Mainly its people whom were born or lived,

or worked or played in San Portablo

but we have also maintained online support

from places like Llandeilo, Llansamlet, Llantrisant and Llandaff

and we have customers who live on boats on the Thames,

who live in New South Wales, Texas and beyond.

Since the Lockdown the 1901 label

has had to adapt its old skool ways and adhere to the 21st century

and for the first time since it was forged in 2016

San Portablo is going to release

a fresh design online on May 4th.

During lockdown we have been listening to a lot of 90's hip hop

- Gang Starr, Wu Tang Clan, Tribe Called Quest, Missy Elliot, Galliano, Massive Attack, De La Soul, Snoop, Salt n Pepa,

as well as Indie Dance like Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Northside, The La's, Primal Scream.

We have been listening to house music

and recalling events

Like 'Pulse' in Swansea University, 'Meaning of Life' parties that went ahead across the hills of south Wales,

Sunrise, Raindance, Fantazia, Universe

and of course the Pirate Radio Stations

that were spread across the London Radio Dial

like Pulse, Rinse, Don, Innocence, Kool and Galaxy...

It was a time when the first wave of UK urban art

was becoming prominent and

a design around this theme is going to be soon added to the collection.

Back in the early nineties

bootleg tops that were designed and printed in south West Wales

were being sold in their hundreds

and were being worn

at these events, gigs, raves and festivals.

Networks of friends from San Portablo

were taking the tops back to

their Universites, Army Barracks, work places, etc

and getting into the clothes games

with the innovative Bootleg Designs.

Emporio Armani, Paul Smith, Stone Island amongst others

were given the San Portablo Bootleg designs -

some of which were

actually adapted by the labels themselves years later.

1901 has been inspired

by the early nineties summers of love

and the good vibes of those heady days and nights

in the first online design

Coming Out on May 4th.

It has a back and front design that will be available in

Navy with White Print and

in White with Navy Print.

There will be limited numbers in these colour combo's.

We hope that in a time of such poignant lockdown

and the need to stay home and stay safe

that people can remember

those heady days of the nineties.

Remarkable times of hope, energy

and when we collectively reached for the Sky..

Fresh 1901 T Shirt and Hats to be released

on May 4th 2020

We cant wait to see

where in the world

we will be sending out'.

Shunk Life Baby

Stay Safe

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