• Nigel Hunt

Shop Life - June 21

Hey all, what’s happening? Hope your all good.

The San Portablo story keeps rolling on

in spite of the pandemic

and the new chapter

is one of the most exciting to date.

First off would like to big up everyone

that has called into the San Portablo Store

in the West Mall of the Aberafan Shopping Centre.

San Portablo 1901 Store - Aberafan Shopping Centre

It has been a great success to date

we are moving more gear than ever before

and with this being the case

we have had the confidence

to make a piece of clothing

from start to finish

and we are slowly evolving

from a street label into a fashion label

how about that ay,

who would have thought

a label could flourish

from a smokey olde town

on the industrial south Wales coastline.

So what have we done you may ask

well we have taken it back to the old skool

and the football terraces of the eighties

when single bar rugby jerseys

made by Benetton and Gallini