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Sharper than Louis Rees Zammit

Hey Everyone, thanks for all the support during these turbulent times. Its been dreadful for us not being able to trade as non essential retail businesses have been subject to lockdown closures since the week before Xmas 2020 - but we are still here thanks to our loyal customer base and delighted to let you know that not only are we launching fresh tie dye in February 2021 but our landlords in the Aberafan Shopping Centre gave us permission to use the Shopping Centre as the location for an after hours socially distanced photo shoot.

what a great place for an independent label to flourish and what a tip top location. This set was poppin, fresh and totally 2021. It is going to bring some light to these dark times.

San Portablo 1901 worked once again with our man Gary Davison a photographer based in the shadows of the hot mill in Margam. We were also reunited with Little Warren's finest Jo Anna, Baglan's Mr Furse, Alex from St Joseph's, Mali from Rhos Afan and we are introducing Patrick as a model.

So San Portablo 1901 is doing shoots with local photographers, local models, our own locations ( M4, Aberafan and Swansea Beach, Mumbles, Aberafan Subways, Neath Windsor Road, Neath Bat Cave, The Grand Hotel, The Troubador, Port Talbot Transport Hub, the Aberafan Shopping Centre and it works.

We believe in our customer base, our sub culture, our scene and this is why we will remain the number one street clothing label in Wales.

Next time you visit the Quadrant, Parc Morfa, MacGarther Glen, St David's, Friars Walk, Cribbs Causeway check out the promotional images, check out how many business's are from the area..They are not from our culture, they are stale, passive and busted.

San Portablo 1901 is fresher that a Baglan Bakeries Cob loaf first thing in the morning.

Check out the tie dye and keep it locked to this site and our other media platforms on Facebook and Instagram..

What we do today - the rest do tomorrow.

so stay on the front foot

and live quicker than Louis Rees Zammit

Shunk Life Baby

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