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San Portablo 2020 Launch

Updated: May 12, 2020

Hey everybody - hope your all staying safe in this turbulent time.

Stay Safe, Stay Positive and social distance.

We would like to thank everyone that has visited, shared and purchased online this week.

We are having a few teething problems and we underestimated the demand for the San Portablo 2020 t shirt.

The small, medium and large sold out on the launch day so we apologise to some of our customers in Alicante - Spain, New South Wales - Australia, Dublin -Ireland, Bristol, Oxford London -England, Cardiff, Colwyn Bay, Port Talbot, Neath, Bridegend -Wales these customers will be getting the t's in the post next week.

Red and White San Portablo 2020 t shirts will be available on the site next week.

The 2020 design was created in Wales, the T shirts are bought in Wales and printed in Wales.

The photos, photographer, models location are all in Wales.

Thanks for all the comments about the quality of the photos big up Rachel Lambert, the models Zoe, Furse, Cassius - we will be looking to work with these going forward and the location of Aberafan Beach and Dunes, The M4 Underpass Junction 41 and the Aberafan Subway Art Project.

You can follow or check out Rachel, Zoe, Furse, Claaayz all on Instagram and also Panchatronic and San Portablo..

Paul Furse featured in the Vice Rule Britannia documentary 'Built on Steel' that featured the forging of the label in its first year as did Nigel, Cassius and Mike Pancho Locke - all these cats were in the Pancho's Tacos scene that took place in the Olive Street HQ..

Pancho's Tacos will be available at the next in shop launch.

We were also delighted to have orders from Ella in Reading and Martin in Cardiff -they both featured in the documentary, the Printers that we have used for the San Portablo 2020 design Reinspire also featured in the documentary.

We cant thank our loyal customer base enough for continuing to help the brand grow.

San Portablo 1901 have also released masks and all profits from the San Portablo and Shunk Masks will go to a NHS Charity.

The NHS and its staff are doing an incredible job during this precarious time.

The Consideration and bravery that the Hospital Staff display going about their daily work is awesome. We are trying to get in touch with NHS Fundraisers to see how we can help the cause during the Pandemic. A lockdown design is being considered..

Big Up All Key Workers - thanks for soldiering on in adversity- stay safe and well

So keep positive and considerate during the pandemic - great to see walls being painted, pictures in Windows, Bunting displays, Radio Shows, Dj Sets, Singers Entertaining their streets, Road Marking s Thanking the NHS (Salute to Nolan Roadmarking for their work outside Neath Port Talbot Hospital on Baglan Way)..

Please send us your shots of the 1901 threads being worn during the pandemic and also all the creative work that is being displayed in our communities.

Keep On Keeping On and watch out for the new hats!

We are delighted with the response and we are going to drop the start of the headwear collection online this week.

Stay safe , Stay at home.

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