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In It Together

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

San Portablo 1901 is still punching well above its weight in 2022 and our own top model Cassius Walker - Hunt has joined Anthony Joshua’s camp as a sparring partner in preparation for his Heavyweight World Title fight with Oleksandr Usyk which takes place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia next month.

The brand has also been focusing on establishing ourselves in the store in the Aberafan Shopping Centre and getting out to events like the 'In it Together' Festival in Old Park Farm, Margam.

The Festival was an overwhelming success in terms of organisation, attendance, vibes, location our customer bass showed up in numbers and rocked the range of sweaters, hoodies, caps, hats, bags, t shirts and we gained new customers from all over Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland.

We intend to do another festival this summer and hope to confirm a stall at 'Escape in the Park' Singleton Park, Swansea on August 2nd, 2022.

The Brand has just brought out a fresh design ‘San Portablo -Worldwide -‘which was created by Pancho and Aiden Cole and is already on its second run, we are going to be following this with fresh designs throughout the summer and they will be uploaded to our website.

Furthermore we are looking to do collaborations and we are already talking to Pusher Skate School in Bridgend, Read And Weep artists in Bristol and 'The Vale Cartoon' in Ebbw Vale - Beaton wearing San Portablo would be top draw - excuse the pun.

San Portablo would like to Big Up the Welsh Rugby Fans touring South Africa who have been reppin the Caps and tops at the homes of The Springboks - the coverage has been awesome. Particuarly the Taibach Tigers lead by Double and Barrie Williams, Julian Page of Cwmafan RFC and those good men from Tonmawr RFC. Keep on Singing Folks and having a slurp, keep believing we can win the series.

The summer of 22 is going to be vintage and so will the autumn as Cymru are out in Qatar for the World Cup Finals in November - we will be bringing out a new range and the Wales Golf Madrid has had a re stock in both Red and Navy.

Shunk Life Baby

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