Castell Nedd design is dedicated to nearest and dearest of San Portablo's neighbours

the home of the Welsh All Blacks

Neath RFC

Castell Nedd is also home to the

best pub crawl in south Wales,

the longest running annual fair

 and is the home town

of current Welsh Football internationals

Connor Roberts and Ben Davies

who both played

for Afan Nedd Schools. 

Castell Nedd is also home

to Hanson The Clothing People

who are based in Windsor Road

and where San Portablo 1901

have out first concession.

We look forward

to collaboration with Hanson

and if this design moves

there will be further

Neath influenced designs.

This design mirrors

the San Portablo 2020 shirt

#with Nick's font

and with the Castell Nedd

on the front and back of the t shirt.

#The writing on the back

is written in reverse.

The t shirt is quality

100% organic cotton

and up to our usual

tip top standard.

Castell Nedd T Shirt


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