When Ex Real Madrid player Mijatovic

told the Spanish media

that Gareth Bales priorities were

'Wales Golf Madrid in that Order'

the red wall that follows

Wales home and away

seized upon it.

Songs, flags, T Shirts followed

of course

the creme rises to the top

no one does welsh football

better than 1901.

this design is influnced by

the classic Welsh Admiral kit.

the terrace casuals of the 1980s

and their golfing jumpers

and a sillohette of Gareth Bale

as a  matador with a 1901 cape.

There are refrences to

Spanish label Lois

and Italian Label

Fila that were 80s casuals favourites.

Wales Golf Madrid

rocks in several colours.

Navy, White, Red and Yellow

are available on the site

Contact 1901 for further details

on Miscellanous colours.

Those that Don 

Wales Golf Madrid

Dont Want To Be Taken Home

EURO Wales Golf Madrid

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  • This design was printed and sourced in Wales. We have the tops several diffrent colours. Any futher informaion please inbox nigel@sanportablo.com mike@sanportablo.com casskero @sanportablo.com .

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