• Nigel Hunt

Fresh Designs

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Hi Everyone

hope you are all

staying safe in Lockdown 2020..

So things are still moving forward with 1901..

We are hoping to release

a Second San Portablo Mask

this week..

It will be a different type of mask

that will have a double skin

to give more protection.

The San Portablo masks

will be mainly black and grey in colour.

The next design

aimis to be

stylish, summer and subtle

universal, unisex and you

low key, on point and in demand

1901 is waiting on delivery

within the next two weeks..

A San Portablo Lockdown shirt

designed by Claaays and his MDX fam

will also be released within the next fortnight...

Furthermore to add to the

Navy, White and Red San Portablo 2020 -

Khaki with white print

will be introduced to the online store in the First week of June..

We are also in talks with

our old friend Nick Hinde

who was the lead designer

for the label in 17/18..

Nick has done a run of tops

around the Plaza Cafe

in his own unmistakable style

think of the Grand Hotel and Plaza Designs..

inbox us for further details

1901 is 30 designs deep.